May Flower (Red in Coimbatore)

Mayflowers (The scarlet red-orange Gulmohar), cannot be called as Mayflowers anymore. Ever since I visited the Coimbatore city, I observe the Mayflowers flowering in May. These flowers blossom which is bright red, catch the eyes of everyone who look at these flowers. When I see this Mayflower with its red color forming a cloud-like appearance over a green Gulmohar tree, I would say it is the world’s most colorful tree. The tree appears as it is set on fire, such that the exuberant clusters of red flame flowers covering the entire surface of the tree. 

The red-orange Gulmohar tree starts to blossom in May and hence it got its name, “May flowers”. It shed their flowers by the end of May or starting of June. Every time I make a trip to Coimbatore especially during May, I will take taxi to get into the delight of red visuals i.e., the avenue of red-orange Gulmohar along the streets of Mettupalayam road, Bharathiyar university, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) campus, Marudhamalai Road, foothills of Ooty and various other places. These streets with the Mayflowers blossoming along the roadside and gardens appear like a flamboyant reds and oranges.

During those times, I have heard from the native peoples besides the beauty of the red-orange Gulmohar tree, the tree has numerous medicinal properties. Those people say that the trees are used to treat paralysis (which occurs on one side of the body – hemiplegia), inflammation, arthritis, and constipation. Even in the recent article, I have studied that these flowers are used to treat diabetes.

Besides, the red attracting flowers, its medicinal properties, the bitter truth to accept by Coimbatore people is, these Mayflowers cannot be called as Mayflower any more. Due to the climatic and seasonal changes, the Mayflower blossoming patterns are changed. The impressive red colored flowers are can’t be seen in May. The changing climate shifted its flowering period to June. The breathtaking view of the flowers is no more now. Not only the changes in the flowering pattern, but the number of red orange-scarlet Gulmohar trees were also reduced through the years. 

Nowadays, when I visit Coimbatore, I miss the flamboyant red scarlet could of May flowers. The avenues of trees, covered with red-orange flowers have gone. During those days, when May flowers bloom in attractive red-orange color, I wish to start a car taxi company in Coimbatore and take the visitors to have an amazing view of red orange-scarlet flowers. Now I have shifted my living to Coimbatore. I have started a car taxi company in Coimbatore now named Coimbatore call taxi. But my love of Coimbatore “May flowers” is gone now. 

I feel the cabs are the most preferred and comfortable by people to wander Coimbatore with Friends and family, especially when we think of enjoying and relaxing. I wish to make people a delightful experience when they travel and add exceptional value to their travel. My dream was fulfilled, but the inspiration for starting the Coimbatore car taxi is lost. Now I feel, one can enjoy traveling in Coimbatore, but the avenue of red mayflower is absent. Yet I wish to make an astonishing experience by taking the people in my call taxi and give other pleasant views of the city.

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