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Isha Yoga

Isha Yoga is a series of yoga programs offered by Isha Foundation and founded by Jaggi Vasudev. The programs include Inner Engineering, Bhava Spandana, Shoonya, Hatha Yoga, Guru Puja and Samyama programs. The introductory program, Inner Engineering, also goes under the nomenclature “Isha Yoga program” when taught in Tamil and Hindi languages.


Isha Yoga practices include Hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation. The word Isha means the formless divine, and Isha Yoga is described as “a comprehensive system that integrates the core of yogic science,” where “yoga is taught in its full depth and dimension and communicated on an experiential level.”

Isha Yoga’s introductory program, Inner Engineering, includes initiation into meditation, pranayama and the Shambhavi Mahamudra, a 21-minute kriya. Other programs include the Shakti Chalana Kriya, which involves pranayama, combined with Shoonya meditation, “an effortless process of conscious non-doing for 15 minutes,” the 7-day Samyama residential program in which practitioners maintain complete silence, and Hatha Yoga, which also includes a 21-week teacher training course.


Isha Yoga teachings by Sadhguru reads; “You can go through life untouched, you can play with life whichever way you want, and still life cannot leave a scratch upon you. That is the miracle that Isha Yoga can manifest in everyone’s life.” – Sadhguru

Medical research

The health benefits of Isha Yoga that have been studied include its effect on short-term Heart rate variability. A small-scale study of 14 Isha Yoga practitioners with a matched control group of 14 non-practitioners concluded that Isha Yoga practitioners were more tolerant of exercise, with reduced risk of hypertension and better cardiac response to everyday stresses. Premature cardiac events like ischemia or infarction were also postulated to be less likely among practitioners. A study on the effects of Isha Yoga on menstrual disorders including Dysmenorrhea, Premenstrual syndrome and irregularity of menstrual flow and cycle was conducted involving 128 practitioners who responded through a survey questionnaire. The researchers concluded that the symptoms showed a reduction in severity after the respondents began regular practice of Isha Yoga. They also noted that respondents declared a reduced need for medical or surgical interventions and reduced impairment at work. The researchers recommended that Isha Yoga could serve as an adjunct therapy for menstrual disorders. A study focusing on sleep pattern benefits derived from practice of Isha Yoga was conducted with 15 male Isha Yoga practitioners with a matched control group of 15 non-practitioners. The study concluded that REM sleep, sleep efficiency and total sleep time was higher in practitioners, who also had fewer awakenings. A study of 89 practitioners before and after a 3-month meditation retreat concluded that a comparatively better performance was seen after the retreat in the Stroop task and in attentional blink task, suggesting improved attention span. Sadhguru, in his interviews, talks about inner engineering as a process of knowing the immense capabilities your body has that you never thought of. Once you attain a balance of mind, mind becomes a useful instrument, following your orders, and you can achieve any height of success. You reach a state of unabated bliss and ecstasy, something we have been long deprived of.


Marudamalai Subramaniyaswami Temple

Subramaniyaswami Temple, Marudamalai is a popular 12th century hill temple dedicated to Hindu god Murugan, situated near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is considered as 7 House of Lord Murugan. Like most Murugan temples, the temple is situated upon a hillock, part of the Western Ghats about 12 km west from the city of Coimbatore. Thai Poosam and other Murugan festivals are celebrated


The temple is atop a 600 ft (180 m) tall granite hill in Coimbatore. The presiding deity is addressed by multiple names like Marudhamalai Andavar, Marudachalapathi and Dhandayuthanpani. There are various water bodies around the temple, namely Maruda Theertham and Snake charmer’s spring, which is believed to possesses medicinal properties.

Paambatti Siddhar

In Southern end of the temple pragaram staircase to the pambatti siddhar cave is located. pambatti siddhar is one of the 18 siddhas. He lived during the 12th century. pambatti siddhar penanced in the marudhamalai hill. Due to his high penance, Lord murugan appeared like snake to him. Lord Murugan gave siddhar, marudha theertham and blessed him with his wife Valli and Dheivaanai. A connecting tunnel route from Lord murugas sannidhi and siddhar’s cave was formed and siddhar used it and worshiped god. Some times he will transform into snake and roam around the temple.

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple is a temple dedicated to Hindu god Vinayagar, situated near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is situated about 12 km from the city of Coimbatore on NH 209.


It is said that when the idol of Vinayaga measuring 5 feet high and 3 feet in diameter was being transported from Madurai in a cart for installation at Perur Pateeswarar Temple, the axle of the cart broke and it became seated in the place where the temple was constructed.

Kovai Kondattam

Kovai Kondattam is built by v.ajithkumar v.sanjay,G.S.vijaybrawin.Perur, in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India. The park offers attractions such as Aqua dance, Wave pool, dashing cars, Rock Climbing, Hara-kiri & video parlour. The park also holds facilities to celebrate birthdays, wedding and anniversary.

It has an amphitheater to hold live performances. This theme park is opened By Tamil Actor Vijay.

VOC Park and  Zoo

V O Chidambaranar park and zoo (abbreviated VOC park) is a zoological garden and amusement park located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. As of 2013, the park houses around 890 animals including 335 birds, 106 mammals and 54 reptiles. The park is named after freedom fighter V O Chidambaram Pillai and is managed by Coimbatore city Corporation.

Park and grounds

There is a park, children’s play area and ground associated with the zoo. The park also has a toy train, Jurassic park and aquarium. This Park also have a memory of 2017 Jallikattu protest conducted by Youngsters in Coimbatore about more than Lakhs of youngsters participated with their families this is one of huge protest conducted in Tamil Nadu state after independence. The same has been done in Chennai Marina Beach by youngsters over 7 Lakhs people participated in 2017 pro-Jallikattu protests. The grounds are used for conducting fairs and events including the annual Independence day and Republic day celebrations. The park has over 200 species of trees including Sandalwood.

Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls are natural waterfalls located near the uphill ghat road Valparai on the Pollachi-Valparai road in the Anaimalai Hills range, in Coimbatore district.

Monkey Falls is about 30 km from Pollachi. Refreshing Natural Water Falls about 6 km from Azhiyar Dam. Monkey Falls is located on road connecting Pollachi and Valparai.

Getting there

An interesting trek route at the Monkey Falls; a linear stretch of evergreen forests surrounded by rocky cliffs, is available and regular guided treks are conducted during favourable season. Prior request should be given to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department headquarters at Pollachi before a fortnight.

The Monkey falls is an excellent roadside stop situated 65 kilometers (40 mi) from Coimbatore and 29 kilometers (18 mi) from Pollachi on the Coimbatore – Pollachi – Valparai main road next to Arutperunjothi Nagar and Azhiyar Valparai Forest Department Check Post of IFS. Monkey Falls is a famous and popular tourism spot. Monkey falls is an ideal place for little children and adults to take a bath. Ticket fee is Rs 20 to enter inside the falls vicinity.


In case if you parked the bike in roadside beware of Monkeys since it will open the tank cover and will take the things inside the tank cover. Also be careful near waterfall since in some place it will make you to slip and there is a chance of acquiring injury.